April 7th, 2021

Horwath says new stay at home orders won’t protect those who cannot stay home

Lockdown should include vaccines for essential workers, paid sick days, support for local business and more

QUEEN’S PARK — Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Official Opposition New Democrats, issued the following statement in response to new lockdown orders from the Doug Ford government:

“This is a devastating day for people, families, and local businesses. And it’s a day we all saw coming.

Ford marched us right into this lockdown with eyes wide open. Experts made it clear every step of the way: he was re-opening too quickly, taking away public health protections too soon, and implementing half-measures that would not stop the spread. This brutal lockdown is of his making.

Now, he’s asking Ontarians to do their part, while still refusing to do his. Stay at home orders do not protect people who cannot work from home.

It’s wrong and dangerous that Doug Ford still refuses to invest in measures to protect these COVID heroes and stop the spread in workplaces.

We need to vaccinate all high-risk essential workers now, and we need paid sick days, on-site testing, in-workplace vaccine clinics and more. But Doug Ford doesn’t want to spend the money.

Today’s announcement should have come with direct financial support and compensation for businesses that have now been thrown deeper into crisis. But Doug Ford doesn’t want to spend the money.

Hospitals and ICUs are in crisis. They are overwhelmed. Every day, more people are in a tragic fight for their lives. We have run out of runway. The government must not spare any more effort or any more expense to get people through this, and put this nightmare behind us.”