August 3rd, 2022

Health care horrors won’t stop until Ford repeals Bill 124, takes action

Reacting to a Premier Doug Ford press conference, NDP Health Care critic France Gélinas (Nickel Belt) says that Ford is downplaying the crisis in Ontario’s hospitals to justify his government’s lack of action. Gélinas released the following statement:

“The painfully long waits, the rolling closures of entire hospital departments, and the hallway medicine will not stop until Doug Ford repeals his wage cap bill, and starts respecting health care workers.

This morning, I was horrified to hear Ford downplaying the crisis in Ontario’s hospitals. He doesn’t want to hear desperate pleas from health care workers, and doesn’t want to see the anguish patients are living through, because he doesn’t want to pay health care workers what they’re worth.

It is true that the health care worker shortage is nation-wide. But it’s also true that other provinces are fighting for their nurses, PSWs and doctors while Doug Ford is pushing Ontario’s health care heroes right out the door. When someone rushes to their local ER and finds the door locked, or a burnt out nurse is asked to take on yet another overtime shift, there’s absolutely no doubt who is to blame.”